To help us, and to help your application...

  1. Be on time: Make sure we receive your application by the due date.
  2. Be complete: Ensure your application contains all Items 1 - 6 as listed on the Application Procedures page. An incomplete application will jeopardize your prospects.
  3. Use the correct forms: Use the forms available on the Application Procedures page.
  4. Email your application: We do not accept facsimiled applications.
  5. Give your referees time: Don't leave your referees' reports to the last minute.
  6. Long term contact details: We need to stay in contact with you. If you are likely to change address, institution, or country during your application, then on your Application Form provide us with personal email and postal details where we will find you even if you are moving around.

We will contact you: Please be patient during the review process. While you will be keen to know the status of your application, your ringing or emailing won't speed up the process. It is best to wait until we contact you.

Change in circumstances: If for any reason your circumstances change (for example, you change your course of study, receive another scholarship, or enter full-time employment) you must contact the Registrar in writing immediately in order that your eligibility for a fellowship may be re-assessed. Note: Receipt of another scholarship or full-time employment disqualifies one from receiving an FFI fellowship.