Applications for the next round of Fellowships to study in 2021 are now open and close on 30 June 2020.

Applications must be signed and dated, and typed or neatly handwritten and collated in the order shown below.  Enquiries through the website and all application documentation must be in English. 


1. Fellowship Application Form

Once applications open, usually in March, download the Application form below and complete in English. Under no circumstances will forms be faxed to applicants or enquirers. (If necessary download Adobe Reader® to read the pdf files).

2. Academic Records

Certified copies of transcripts of your academic records.

3. Curriculum Vitae

A brief Curriculum Vitae, which must not exceed 6 pages, but may include comments on your achievements, interests and aspirations considered relevant to your application.

4. Statement of Purpose

A clear outline of the study program/course for which support is required. This must not exceed one page in length and must include:
  • objectives of the study;
  • a brief outline of the project if appropriate;
  • relevance of the study program/course to your career development;
  • how the funding will be used.

5. Written Confirmation of Acceptance

A copy of written confirmation from the University or Institution that offers provisional or final acceptance of your study program. If confirmation is unavailable, please supply explanation and/or details of progress of any application to date. An award cannot be given until arrangements for affiliation with an institution have been concluded and documented.

6. Referees' Reports and contact details
A written report from two (2) referees including their name and contact details who we can contact as necessary.
Applicants must contact referees and request each of them to send a completed Referee Report Form (see below) directly to the address supplied on the form, to arrive no later than June 30.  It is suggested that you send the form to referees.
Applications are not considered complete until the Referees' Reports are received.

All applications are to be emailed to the address below and will be acknowledged by email. Faxed applications will not be accepted.

Results will be announced within six months of the closing date, and all applicants will be advised.

The Fellowship Fund Committee reserves the right not to award fellowships in any one year. Such decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.


email to: and cc to

Subject: (Insert your name), FFI Fellowship