Fellowship Award Winners 2018


The winners of Fellowships for 2018 are:

Audrey Harrison Award:
Allanah Hunt;
Rosemary Venton Award:
Faith Alele;
Freda Freeman Award:
Simone Maurer

Fellowships are named after outstanding women graduates who have contributed to these awards by dedicated voluntary service over many years. The following were awarded Fellowships for post-graduate study commencing in 2018:

Audrey Harrison Commemorative Fellowship

Allanah holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from Central Queensland University, excelling in her chosen field of Creative Writing and Literary Studies. She is currently enrolled in a PhD in Creative Writing at Anglia Ruskin University, UK (formerly the Cambridge School of Art) that involves the production of a work of creative writing in addition to a thesis. Her focus is the role of affect and the dehumanisation of race and gender through the social lenses of media and politics.

Rosemary Venton Commemorative Fellowship

Faith is a medical graduate from Nigeria who, after a Master of Public Health at James Cook University, has been accepted into PhD studies at the same university.  Her focus is heat-related illnesses in the military and the pre-existing genetic and physiological factors that may lead some to be more susceptible to heatstroke than others.

Freda Freeman Commemorative Fellowship

Simone completed a BMus (Honours) in Flute Performance, followed by a MPhil in Music Studies at The University of Cambridge (UK). She has turned down opportunities both in the UK and Brisbane in order to combine both musicology and music performance at the University of Melbourne. Her thesis focuses on the impacts of body movements in flute performance, taking a music psychology approach