Fellowship Award Winners 2019


The winners of Commemorative Fellowships for 2019 are:

Barbara Williams Award:
Mercedes McLean;
Freda Freeman Award:
Simone Maurer;
Betty Patterson Award:
Erika Bellingham

Fellowships are named after outstanding women graduates who have contributed to these awards by dedicated voluntary service over many years. The following were awarded Fellowships for post-graduate study commencing in 2019:

Barbara Williams Commemorative Fellowship

Mercedes commenced a Master of Conservation Biology at the University of Queensland in June 2018.  She grew up on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada and her research examines climate change adaptation focused on collaborative management strategies for marine protected areas from an indigenous community perspective.

Freda Freeman Commemorative Fellowship

A current Fellowship holder, Simone is a world class flute player and studying for her PhD in music at the University of Melbourne. She is researching how visual bias influences audiences' emotional perception of musical performance.

Betty Patterson Commemorative Fellowship
An Honours graduate in Linguistics from the University of Queensland, Erika will study for her Phd at the University of Buffalo (NY, USA). This programme involves four years of full-time coursework, followed by 1-3 years to complete her dissertation. She is interested in how speakers draw on their cognitive and linguistic resources to describe events of varying levels of typicality. Events more difficult to verbalise tend to be described less consistently across speakers, and with greater use of predicates (verbs) and more complex syntax.