Fellowship Award Winners 2017


The winners of Fellowships for 2017 are:
Mary McSweeney Award:
Fiona Russo;
Betty Patterson Award:
Laya Matindoost;
Dorothy Davidson Award:
Sarah Kilcoyne

Fellowships are named after outstanding women graduates who have contributed to these awards by dedicated voluntary service over many years. The following were awarded Fellowships for post-graduate study commencing in 2017:

Mary McSweeney Fellowship

Fiona Russo has an MBA from Southern Cross University and an extensive background in business. As the primary carer and advocate for her profoundly disabled daughter she is aware of the particular challenges facing parents of children with disabilities. Her PhD research is focussed on how health professionals can best predict the support needs of carers so they can be effective advocates able to navigate the health, education and social services systems to come up with the best outcomes for those in their care. 

Betty Patterson Fellowship

Laya holds a Bachelor of Arts in Translation and a Masters in Applied Linguistics and is currently enrolled as a PhD student at The University of Queensland.  As a migrant herself she is eager to explore the ways in which other migrant women who settle in Australia under humanitarian and non-humanitarian visas overcome the challenges of settling in a new society; in particular, the barriers they face and factors affecting their integration or disengagement from the host country.


Dorothy Davidson Fellowship

After completing a Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Hons) at Flinders University of South Australia in 2004, Sarah Kilcoyne practiced as a Speech Pathologist in education and health sectors, gradually becoming aware of the prevalence of juveniles with communication impairment in the justice system. This led her to complete a Bachelor Laws (Hons) and admittance as a solicitor in Queensland in 2011. She subsequently completed a Master of Laws (Health) QUT with special interests in children with communication impairment and their ability to access their legal legal rights in the criminal justice and child protection systems. Her current study, combining her dual interests in Speech Pathology and Law, continues her research in this area and work with policy providers.