About Us

We are a group of graduate women committed to providing postgraduate opportunities for study and research to women by the provision of Fellowships.  Fellowships Fund Inc (FFI) is a group of members of Graduate Women Qld www.gwq.org.au (formerly AFUWQ) that was separately incorporated in 1983 specifically to raise funds and administer the Programme. Fellowships are funded primarily from the profits raised from our Academic Dress Hire Service (ADHS) together with income from investment built up over many years.  FFI provides several one-year and one three-year Fellowships each year.  We have also funded two 3-year, half-time, Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (FFI Qld Graduate Women award) at The University of Queensland.

ADHS is the wholly owned and operated business arm of FFI that provides academic dress hire and regalia needs for graduates all over the world.  It hires and sells regalia of the finest quality to students and staff at universities and other institutions for graduation and other ceremonies and also sells new legal and both new and secondhand academic regalia.  All profits from this operation are used to fund Fellowships.  Information on ADHS is available on the website www.academicdress.com.au